What’s the correct way to pronounce the wine name Shiraz?


Shiraz is an immensely popular red wine. In Australia phonetically it’s pronounced “shee-raz”, which rhymes with the planet Mars. If you’re from America the pronunciation may differ a little to rhyme with “jazz” instead.

You might also read about Syrah which refers to the same grape, but is the name used for it often in France and other parts of Europe. Syrah is pronounced “see-rah”, which rhymes with “hoo-rah”, like when you give out a short celebratory cheer.

Syrah/Shiraz comes from Southeast France and is a crossing of Dureza and Mondeuse Blanche. Despite rumours, it’s not linked to the city of Shiraz other than the names being spelled the same. Australia is the largest producer of Shiraz in the world.

Did you know some wineries in New Zealand and some in Australia have taken to labelling with the Syrah name? They are using it to define different a taste that is an emerging style, more softer than your typical Shiraz.